The French Adventure (Cherbourg to Alderney)

It's the 15th August, how time has flown by. We decided to try and grab a day in Alderney before heading back to Blighty. With that in mind we needed to make the exciting sail to the channel islands and past the infamous Alderney race. The timing of this passage is quite important but not massively complicated. You need to leave about 2-3 hours before high water Dover to arrive at the Cap De La Hague about high water and then carry the tide down through the race or alternatively nip into Braye on Alderney. We were doing the latter. By doing this you carry a favourable eddy from Cherbourg up until the cape and then continue with either slack or favourable currents there on.

We left with Javelin but they soon overtook us as they headed home to their cottage on the island. We followed on with dinner booked at their place for the evening.

Approaching the Cape

Cap De La Hague -  a pretty weather beaten headland

As we sailed round the cape things perked up a bit

We were soon tied up to a mooring in Braye Harbour

The good ship in a rather rolly polly mooring

A letter box

Alderney was our favourite

The dinghy dock

How lovely is that?

The living room of the Flynn's cottage on Alderney ... it was really lovely

New friends who treated us like royalty. We had a slap up BBQ and a great time

Dominique and Jeremy share some St Vaast oysters they had bought ... they were excellent

The little statue on the roof is what Dominique and the family make in the pottery in France .... pretty amazing

It's not the caribbean but Alderney is a really charming place

Charlies Angels ... eat your heart out

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