The French Adventure (St Vaast to Cherbourg)

The following day we had the exciting trip around Pointe de Barfleur where things can get a bit perky. Pilot books recommend anywhere between 2 and 5 miles off depending on conditions and so we opted for 2.5. There was a lovely F5 Westerly blowing and the Good Ship was ready for some fun.

We absolutely hammered along the east side of the Cherbourg peninsula doing 7-8 knts SOG

At this point we were drawn a little into the race. You can just see the line of clearer water ahead

It was great sailing

Another snap showing the clear demarcation of the rough and smooth water

We topped out at well over 10 kts which for us is really rather fast

The Normandie Express - they are just sooooo fast

Entering the inner harbour

Cherbourg marina is easy to find and easy to berth. Facilities are great.

Brimble one evening

Cherbourg is the city of umbrellas

The Museum in Cherbourg is one of our favourites. The Titanic exhibition is excellent if unsurprisingly a tad depressing

Napolean was very keen on Cherbourg, hence, this stautte of him pointing to the port.

A seagull performing the famous Cherbourgian one-legged seagull dance routine ... with
the Good Ship in the background.

Shark Grafitti
On our arrival in Cherbourg we were welcomed by Felix and Rex who had arrived the day before. They were on their very famous and very fast yacht Javelin. Fast because they had made it to Cherbourg in one go from Ouistreham ... and famous because Javelin is the yacht that got snagged up with a large tanker in the Solent during Cowes week a few years ago. Press HERE here for a reminder.

Anyway, the good ship J is under new ownership and in tip top condition ... but she still has a pink spinnaker.

The good ship Javelin, whizzing past Brimble

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