The French Adventure (Le Havre to Ouistreham)

The trip from Le Havre to Ouistreham gave us a good chance to recharge the engine batteries because with no wind we had to motor all the way. But, the sun was up and it gave the kids a chance to catch up on sleep after 3 days of ... well sleeping. Ella, pointed out that sleeping often causes fatigue a concept that I'm still trying to process.

The trip down to Ouistreham was uneventful. The entry into the harbour is pleasant and easy but there is a lock to get through to gain entrance to the canal that carries the marina and that runs up to the city of Caen. We had a little bit of a race to get there for the last opening of the day but made it and joined many other boats on the same mission. The lock experience was fun but having a large fender was handy as you will see.

Entering into the harbour. The lock entrance is straight ahead.

Milling around with other boats waiting for the lock to open

Inside the lock there was loads of room but the walls were coated with this hairy, sharp, shellfish thing

No worries though, we deployed Uber Fender ... the biggest, toughest, fender in the world

With Uber in place all was well. You use ropes around thick wires on the wall to
 move up and down. It works well.

Having left at 1100 we arrived  at 1615. We had a lovely welcome to the marina which
was one of the nicest we visited. Welcoming staff and a really clean and fresh feel to it. In a little bar
 opposite the marina, we enjoyed a beer, a quick game of Bananagrams and watched the
 local Gendarme do spot checks on yachts. We waited until they had gone before we
returned to the good ship because I suddenly realised my flares were out of date.

The highly competitive game 'Bananagrams' in full play. I found it mentally draining and quite exhausting 

All warm and snug

Next stop St Vaast ...

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