The French Adventure (Ouistreham to St Vaast)

Onwards and upwards ... it's time to head north as we sail past the Normandy/D-Day Beeches towards St Vaast just to the east of Cherbourg. A longish sail but we couldn't enter St Vaast until 2130 due to tidal constraints so no rush.

We set off through the first lock opening at 0900 after a quick run around
 the town which we hadn't really had time to explore the night before. It 
was a nice little seaside town and warrants a trip back like so many of the other places 
we have visited over the past few days.

The sail started well with spinnaker up and a fair breeze but increasingly we were headed.
The wind gradually strengthened until as we arrived at St Vaast we had a F5 from the West.
It was proper sailing.

Brimble making good speed under spinnaker. This photo was taken by our new friends Jeremy, Dominique, Felix and Rex who we met in the lock at Ouistreham as we left. We didn't expect to see them again but as luck would have it we ended up with dinner together in Cherbourg and then dinner at their cottage in Alderney. More later.

The weather slowly became more stormy as the day went on

We anchored outside St Vaast to wait for the tide. It was a bit nippy, a bit dark and very bouncy

At half past nine we lead the way into the harbour enjoying the very last knockings of daylight. It was a great day.

The marina and town were really nice. Apart from the almost infamous lack of toilets
we really liked.

Always easy to locate the good ship in a crowd

St Vaast is famous for its oysters which are considered the best in the world

No Carrefour at St Vaast ... this is where you buy your groceries

Next stop Cherbourg ...

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